Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scraproom Re-Do Update

Finally got some pics to put up.  Here they are...  As y ou can see from this photo, I love ribbon.  I had to get another ribbon holder because I have so much.  Well, even that was not more!

This photo shows where I put up a shelf to house some of my clear stamps I have stored in CD cases.  These ones, however, are the Christmas stamps.  My other ones I have in a drawer below that in my cubes.

This is where my son's weight bench was that I FINALLY got him to move out.  Now I have more room!  I put up my punches and embellishment center which I have put my wooden stamps on.  They look good there but I have a feeling I will have to find another home for them because they seem to be growing!  But I was able to put more storage in and get another small table I can work on.  It has wheels so I can just move it out of the way very easily if I need to.

I put this above my double doors because I love butterflies.  Great decoration!

I moved out a small filing cabinet and was able to put my plastic storage in a little better than it was. I put a few shelves and other decorations around but I still have a little more to go.  I like how it turned out but you seems like you just never have enough room for everything. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scraproom Re-Do

I am in the process of redoing my scraproom.  If you saw my videos on my scraproom, I mentioned trying to get my son to get his weight bench out of that room. I FINALLY GOT HIM TO DO IT!  So now I have MORE room and can set it up differently.  However, it is not exactly the way I want and need more time to get it the way I think it will work best for me.  But for now, at least I can breath now.  I will post some pics later.  Whoo Hoo!!!