Friday, June 24, 2016

LSH Father's Day Tag Swap

Another swap I did through alilscrapofheaven is one for a Father's Day Tag.  I knew that I wanted to put burlap on it somewhere but really was not sure what to do about the rest.  So I went to Pinterest for help. I found a project someone had done that used burlap and they placed an image on top.  But as I was going through my stash to figure out if I had anything to use, I found some wooden deer heads which was perfect.  

I had a stamp set that had meadow and field-type backgrounds so I used it at the bottom.  I also made a little pocket on the back with a piece of cardstock so a note can be written on it.  The background paper came from a Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby) stack called Etc. which has a bunch of textures in wood, metal, peeling paint and that sort.

I also did a video which is below so you can see it better and maybe get more details regarding the tag.  If you are viewing this in an email, the video may not show up.  You can click here to go to the video.

Let me know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, June 20, 2016

LSH Flower Swap

I signed up for a few swaps with alilscrapofheaven and the first one was the flower swap.  We had to make 12 handmade flowers to send to your partner.  I had the most fun making these.  I think they turned out really nice.  And my partner really liked them.  So glad!

Here is a video so you can see them up close.  I explain a little bit about them.  I tried to make them all different.  On a few were similar.

Let me know what you think.  Hugs!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Paper Clip Art

Ok so this is a new thing for me.  I kept seeing other peeps making embellishments for their projects and putting paper clips on them. So I thought I would see what I could come up with.  I also started following a Paper Clip Art facebook group and there are all kinds of inspiration on there. 

Here are some of the embellies I made.  Let me know what you think about them.

Here is a closer look at them.

I also made some plain embellies without the paper clips.

Here is a video explaining how I did some of them.  Enjoy.  


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Birthday Card for Grandson - He's 2 !!!!

My sweetie pie grandson turned 2 on April 23rd.  The theme of his party was Gone Fishing.  His mama did a great job of getting all the decorations together.  Unfortunately the poor little thing could not even attend the party because she was so so sick.  She was so upset about it but there was no way she could make it.  I tried to calm her to say not to stress; that there will be plenty more birthdays.  But I know how she feels if I would have missed any of my kids' birthdays.  Well her husband (my son) did an excellent job in taking over the reigns.  He had to do most of the prep work and get everything ready.  I helped a little but he did most of it. He also had to take care of his son who was for some reason wanting his daddy to hold him most of the time until, of course, his cousin Brewer showed up.  They love playing together.  Here is a pic of the card I made him.

I got this idea from Niki Toll on pinterest.  She is a Stampin Up demonstrator and did this punch art fishy. I think it turned out so cute. Here is the video I did on it.  Thanks for watching!  Hugs

Monday, April 11, 2016

Stick Pins

I finally decided it was time to try my hand at making stick pins.  I have had the supplies to do them for a long time, but just never did.  So here they are.  I hope you like them. Crafty hugs! ~Karen Sue

Monday, March 21, 2016

Tinkerbell says......

I did a birthday card for my uncle.  He loves, of all things, Tinkerbell. Who knew?  Well I did and a bunch of other people know, including his girlfriend. But just by looking at him, you would never know he was into collecting all things Tinkerbell.  His trailer has Tinkerbell all over the place. I'd say it was a "shrine"?  So funny.  

One year he gave me a Tinkerbell birthday card and I was amazed that he even parted with it. But he said he expected it back for his birthday. LOL  I was actually going to do that...send it back to him on his birthday.  However, I could not find the darn thing.  So I just made a new one.  

I used the Cricut cartridge Tinkerbell which had a lot of good images of Tinkerbell and her friends.  Below is a video showing the card.  Let me know what you think.  Hugs!