Friday, September 25, 2015

First Pocket Letter to Darling Houska

The Pocket Letter craze was fast and furious.  Although I wanted to try doing one, I really did not know how to go about finding someone to swap with other than to ask someone but I feel awkward doing that.  I looked at quite a few videos of them and how they were done.  Looked like a really simple and fun craft to share with a friend.  I happened upon Darling Houska's channel and saw that she was doing them and also saw that the ones she crafted were GORGEOUS!!!  She does such awesome work.  OMG!  I commented on one of her videos about how wonderful her work was and we got to talking about them and she offered to do a swap with me.  WOW a swap with someone with that kind of creativity was a bit intimidating.  However, I agreed so I started my first pocket letter.

Now....how to start.  I knew a little about her from watching so many of her videos.  I knew she loved sewing and loved birds and butterflies, normal crafty likes for some.  It really took me forever to finish it. I wanted my first one to be just right.  I had fun picking out all the little things I was going to put in the back of the pockets.  So here are some pictures. 

I think it turned out okay.  I saw her video when she received it and apparently I did a good job because she loved it.  LOL  Here is a video I did on it too so you can see it a little closer.  After I did this one, I did another one for a challenge for someone.  I'll post about that one too.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks so much!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

New DIY Christmas Trees (Sorry posted way...way...way late)

Here are the other Christmas trees I did. I think they turned out okay.  I think I may use some other materials next year.  These are all made out of ribbon.


Here are a couple of videos I did.  The second one is one I did with the extra little tree in the middle.


Karen Sue

Giveaway Time!!!

Where are all my followers?  Do I have any that actually read my posts?  I never see any comments on them so I was just wondering about that.  Well, if you see this post and want to enter into the giveaway, you need to be a follower and then just leave me a comment below telling me if you are a new follower or one that has been with me for awhile.  I am hoping this will give me an idea of how many people actually "hover" around my blog.  LOL

I make a lot of videos so most of my crafts get put in a video.  I try to keep up my posts here on my blog but this year has been awful in trying to get that done.  Being "sick" with neuropathy and then trying to deal with the passing of my mom has been really hard.  However, I think I am getting back on track now.

So, leave those comments!!!  I will do a drawing for a winner in about a week. Giving some sweet crafty goodness away!

Big o' Hugs!!!

Karen Sue

Friday, July 31, 2015

Easter Cards

Easter?  Yeah I know. I am a bit late posting this.  I almost did not even do the cards because I knew I was late, but I wanted to go ahead and do them to get ahead for next year. I really wanted to try out the very intricate egg die from Die-versions.  I am glad I had the foam backing on it.  That helped to get all the little pieces out.

I am not sure where I got this little border stamp but it is so cute.

Here is another card I did using a little bunny I won from Kat Scrappiness awhile back. I have been wanting to use it for a long time and finally had the chance.  Isn't he just so stinkin ka-yute!!!!!

Here is the last one.  The wood piece I got from a husband and wife that started making these when they became the big craze.  I believe they still make them because their photobucket page is still listed - click HERE. You can contact her at the email address listed.

I just left it kinda plain but may add something more before I send it to anyone.  Well I hope you liked these.  Maybe next year I won't be late making more.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  Thanks tons guys!  Hugs! 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Birthday Card for Friend

I sent this card to a friend for her birthday.  The papers came from another friend (2muchhurt on YT). I love this combination of red, white and black with all the patterns.

I really did not like the way my stamping turned out on the sentiment but I guess you have to practice with them to get it right huh?  It's okay though.  The inside of the card I just put some scraps on.  Here is the video so you can see it better.  Thanks guys!

Father's Day Card - Sorry Posted Late

I did a few Father's Day Cards one of which I gave away before I had a chance to video it or take pictures.  But here is one I did remember to catch.  The video below explains some of the supplies I used.

I think it came out okay. I like the background I used. I was trying to pick a background that went with the "frog".  Something you would see in the woods I guess.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you like it or have any suggestions as to what I should have done differently.  Thanks guys!