Monday, November 8, 2010

Scrap Room

This is my first attempt at a scrap room.  Simple.  Cozy I guess.  It is my "formal" dining room.  I am not that formal so I turned it into my scrap room.  It was already our office, computer room, workout my scrap room.  I am in the process of redoing it a little because I found that one table is just not enough room.  So hopefully this week, I will be able to put more counter space in.  I will go through the room after I have it set up properly.

Big Time Newbie!!!

This is my first blog EVER.  And what did I decide to start a blog on?  Scrapbooking!  Geez.  How many of these are out there?  I have looked at a TON of these and have found so much helpful information I feel so overwhelmed by it.  So I guess I wanted to put my own 2 cents out there just to see if I gave anyone any helpful advice or not.  If not, sorry. If so, geez!...another helpful blog.  I really did this for myself just so I could keep up with all my layouts, ideas, etc. but I guess if it helps someone else, then all the better huh?

I will be adding all my "stuff" as soon as I get a little more organized. I have a few layouts done but not sure if I should post them yet because they are a Christmas present to someone.  I guess it would be okay since the only computer stuff he does (or even knows how to do) is "poker" (my Dad).  I think I will post them anyway.

Comment away....