Friday, September 25, 2015

First Pocket Letter to Darling Houska

The Pocket Letter craze was fast and furious.  Although I wanted to try doing one, I really did not know how to go about finding someone to swap with other than to ask someone but I feel awkward doing that.  I looked at quite a few videos of them and how they were done.  Looked like a really simple and fun craft to share with a friend.  I happened upon Darling Houska's channel and saw that she was doing them and also saw that the ones she crafted were GORGEOUS!!!  She does such awesome work.  OMG!  I commented on one of her videos about how wonderful her work was and we got to talking about them and she offered to do a swap with me.  WOW a swap with someone with that kind of creativity was a bit intimidating.  However, I agreed so I started my first pocket letter. to start.  I knew a little about her from watching so many of her videos.  I knew she loved sewing and loved birds and butterflies, normal crafty likes for some.  It really took me forever to finish it. I wanted my first one to be just right.  I had fun picking out all the little things I was going to put in the back of the pockets.  So here are some pictures. 

I think it turned out okay.  I saw her video when she received it and apparently I did a good job because she loved it.  LOL  Here is a video I did on it too so you can see it a little closer.  After I did this one, I did another one for a challenge for someone.  I'll post about that one too.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks so much!!!