Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Dad's 70th Birthday

WOW!  70 years old...I have been so blessed to have had my Dad for this long and I pray God lets him stick around much longer, especially since he will be a great-grandfather in a few weeks.  Yep!  I will be a grandma for the first time too.  We are all excited to pieces.  My oldest son is having a boy...boy-oh-boy!  A precious child from God that will lighten him and his wife's lives as he and his brother did mine and my husband's so many years ago.   (blubber..blubber..blubber)

Well anyway I wanted to do something special for my Dad so I had a giveaway challenge for my YouTube friends to do a birthday card for him.  They sent them to me and I gave them to him at his birthday party.  He loved them.  He was happy to get birthday cards from a bunch of women. Haha!  Everyone did such a wonderful job on them.  I have a few videos showing the party and him opening them (which unfortunately got cut off at the end cuz of my battery - so sorry).  And I also have a video showing all the cards that were sent to him.  I also made a card and have a video on that also.  They are all below.

Here is the card that I made him (pictures and video).

Here is the video of the birthday party.  You can skip to the end where he starts opening the cards if you don't want to watch all the other stuff.

I will be inputting here soon the video showing all the cards that were made for him.  I am late uploading it and it is pretty long so it will take a little while.  When it is done, I will reload this page.

Thanks for everyone who participated in the challenge.  Dad really loved the cards.  He enjoyed his party so much.  Love you all!

~Karen Sue

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Album #1 (for my Dad) Finally Finished!!!

I finally finished my first wedding album that I gave to my Dad. By "finished" I mean put all the wedding pictures in it. LOL  This album is the one that Bettina (YT: beriemab) started the base on for my giveaway awhile back.  She is actually the one who won the giveway too!  Who hoo!  Thanks girl.  I think it turned out so cute.  I have pictures of each and every page saved for reference in case I want to use that layout again on another one.  I have to get started on the next one for my Mom now.  Who knows how long that will take as it took me several months just to get the first one done. :-)   

I am not posting the pictures in this post but I am posting the video I did on it.  See below and enjoy.  Let me know if you have any questions about any of the pages.  Thanks!