Monday, December 31, 2012

A Card for a Scrappy Friend

Beth with Bethsscrapbookroom on YouTube is collecting cards for Bambi, a scrappy friend who is very ill.  She has not been able to do a lot of crafting and has been selling her craft supplies.  Beth though it would be nice to do a giveaway but the giveaway required that you do a card for Bambi. Beth then sends the cards and goodies to Bambi in hopes that it will brighten her day.  Get well soon Bambi.  We love you!

Some pics of the card I made.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gina K. Designs Stamp Haul

Got some Gina K. stamps at good prices during holidays as well.  Meant to put it with the Michaels haul post but....uh oh!  Take a look-see!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Cards 2012 (sort of)

Some Christmas cards I have done in the past and some I spruced up a little.  I think they turned out okay.  See video below to get a better look.  Thanks!

Thanksgiving/Christmas Cards from Scrappy Buddy FroggyGreenStamper

Stacy is so sweet to send me these.  The Thanksgiving card was one for a swap but I did not have time to sign up for the Christmas swap but she sent me one anyway.  How sweet she is.   Video below to see her cute cards.  Thanks Stacy!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas!  This is our first Christmas in new home and it was a good one. This is our new little tree. It was Bobby's mother's that we got after she passed away.  The angel on top was her and it was perfect.  The fireplace turned out looking great too. 

That smile says it all..."yeah, I am up to something!"

Miss "I look good in this Santa outfit" is so cute in this little outfit.  Oh, I guess she was right huh?

Daniel and his honey...I mean fiance'.  Are they just so cute!

Amy just loves her "Oma-in-law".  I was so glad Oma was able to come. She has not been feeling well and packing up and coming to our house seems to get harder and harder for her.  I told her that next year will not be a problem since she will be living with us anyway.  So she don't have "pack" for anything.

A father/son moment in time.  Awww how cute they are!

My boys have gotten so big.  Look how little that big tree looks with them standing beside it.  Belittles it big time.  Oh wait.  That's right, we had a small tree this year.  They are still so grown up though.

Aww how cute are they.  Bobby and I love them so much! They are such good boys..I mean MEN.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  Hope you have a wonderful 2013!

Karen Sue

Monday, December 24, 2012

Black Friday Hauls...Yeah I Know, I'm Late Posting These

Could not resist the Black Friday deals that were going on so here are a few I did.  Michaels, Stampers Best, and Paper Trey Ink videos below. Check 'em out.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Webster's Pages Warehouse Sale

Did not want to miss out on this wonderful sale this time so I signed up for their FB and email to make sure I got notice of it.  It was WELL WORTH IT TOO!! Check out what they sent!  Thanks Webster's Pages!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blog Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to all who responded to my blog giveaway.  I hope you continue to follow me and enjoy my blog.  Also, if you are not a subbie of my YouTube channel, check it out as well.

The winner of the giveway is...Mary Jo (Craftyjo106).  Mary please send me a private message with your address so I can send you the stamp you have won!!

I look forward to a lot more crafting now that we have moved and I hope that I can inspire someone to be crafty as well.

Thanks guys!!
~Karen Sue~

All Moved In.....

...but not settled!  The week after we moved, I got the flu so the unpacking had to take a back seat til I was well.  Ok almost 2 weeks now and we have just about gone through all the boxes unpacking and storing. My wonderful son put some flooring in the attic so I would have more storage space.  Our garage is enclosed so there was NO room for storing all the stuff we had.  I just did not realize how much you accumulate over the years!  We had to have TWO 26' trucks..and then some!! Our old house had plenty of storage - walk-in storage in the attic and here..none!  So where did it all go.  Well it all went into the enclosed garage...which is supposed to be my new craft room.

BUT as time went on, one by one, the boxes started to disappear.  I bit the bullet and have gotten rid of a lot of stuff I really did not need.   I am planning a huge garage..well yard sale in a couple of months to get rid of more.  There was more stuff I did not really need or even use so why have it right?  I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I think I will be able to start piecing together a craft space soon, maybe this week or weekend.  Christmas is getting closer and closer and I have yet to finish shopping because I have had all this moving business on the brain.  We got rid of the old tree so I found a really small one we are going to use this year.  At least we have a good place to put it (right in front of the big window by the fireplace).

So when I have everything done, I will do a video showing you my new space!  I can't wait to be able to sit in a comfortable space and craft my heart out!  Stay tuned!!!!