Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It's that time...again...7 years later.  Moving to downsize.  I have some medical problems that is preventing me from working a lot so I have to say goodbye to my "dream home" that we built 7 years ago.  I have enjoyed it alot especially because we had land and we were surrounded by woods.  You cannot even see your neighbors until winter time when all the leaves fell off the trees between the houses.  It is so quiet here. I sit on my swing on my front porch and listen to the birds, the russeling of the trees in the wind and watch a couple of squirrels play, jumping from tree to tree.  I could sit there for hours...but only in the cool air-winter time.  It was hard to sit out there when it was so hot but I really enjoyed it.

Our new place is not as "pretty" on the outside but the inside is okay.  Large living room and master bed.  Kitchen is small but I don't cook much anyway and it is outdated so maybe down the road there will be some remodeling?  The garage is enclosed but there is no heat or air in there so we will either put heat and air or maybe open it back up as a garage.  Not sure.  Those will be decisions for another road.

Packing is a nightmare though.  I hate it!  You just do not realize how much "junk" you have accumulated over time.  The last time we moved was the same...now more "junk" to move.  This will be out 4th house and hopefully our last.  Yeah, that is what I said about my "dream home" 7 years ago.  You never know what will happen to change your life. I guess change is good huh?  We spent time fixing up the house, painting and whatnot.

Yeah, we had a good ol' time doing that...NOT!  My boys were the biggest help ever! They are great kids!  One will be getting married next year and moving out and the other is in college so he is home only ever once in awhile and during holidays.  Then after college he will be gone.  Empty nest syndrome?  I am feeling it now!

Stay tuned for I will be posting about my new craft room. I need time to get settled and fix it up the way I want it. I am hoping this (moving) will help me get organized. Ya think?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blog Giveaway Time!!!

I like doing random giveaways and this is one of them.  See video below for the details.  Good Luck!

Trees to Treasures Haul

I have a small Trees to Treasures Haul to show you in the video below.  This lady and her hubby makes these wood veneer cutouts that are just so cute.  She has a ton of different styles.  Click HERE to go to their photobucket site that has them listed.  You can email them to order.  Great stuff!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Collective Haul

Forgot about this video.  This was awhile back.  Some goodies I got at a garage sale and thrift stores.