Monday, July 29, 2013

So The Wedding Day Came and Went..What Next?

Well I am officially a mother-in-law!  That sounds really weird.  But Daniel married a wonderful girl last month.  She is just so sweet and adorable.  I pray that they continue to follow God and that they have a wonderful marriage.  My hubby and I just celebrated our 27th anniversary.  I have known him for 30 years.  Boy!  THAT is a long time.  I hope we make it to our 50th anniversary...meaning we live that long, of course.  I pray that Daniel and Amy make it to 50 years as well.

 The wedding was wonderful.  Amy and her mom did a wonderful job on the wedding. It was really simple and cute.  She did not go "all out" on a lot of unnecessary things.  The reception was great too.  Everything went very well.  This is one of many layouts I am doing for a wedding album.  This one is going to be a black and white theme.  I am sure I will be doing more and probably some mini albums in different colors. The video shows the layout and some flowers I made to go with the album.


It was a wonderful day.  We will miss seeing him every day but I know we have to let them loose sometime.  Ryan is in college so at least I know he will be coming home some time.  Although I am not there for him every day, I know he is getting a good education that will help him start his life as well.  Did someone say "empty nest"?