Saturday, June 21, 2014

Father's Day Cards

Here are the Father's Day cards I made for my Dad and my hubby.  It really took me awhile to do these because I wanted to get them just right.  For my hubby's card, I had some stickers that I wanted to use because he is such a football fan so they were perfect.  And on the inside the remote sentiment was REALLY perfect. LOL  For my Dad's card, it took me a little longer.  I knew I wanted to use "The Guy Stack" from DCWV cuz there were sections in there relating to different things like "fix-it" guy which I used for my Dad and "sports" which I used for hubby but they also had like ties and BBQ stuff, etc.  The sentiment for my Dad's card is something I came up with.  He has always been the "fix-it" guy in the family - he fixed cars and things around the house, etc.  But he also has grown roses my whole life.  And he actually got rose bushes for his birthday this year to plant at his new house.  So the sentiment just felt appropriate.

Below are pics of the cards and a video showing them closer.  Thanks!

Belated Birthday Card

Oh my goodness!  I feel like an awful scrappy friend.  I forgot a scrappy friend's birthday so I made her this card to mail to her.  I have been wanting to use these sunflower rub-ons for a long time but never had the opportunity to do so.  I did some inking with three colors of distress inks to go with the color of the flower. I also have been wanting to use these bling "flourishes" which I have a ton of so I decided to use them as butterfly trails.  Cute!  However, those things are a pain to get on there right because they stick to your fingers and then the glue gets stretched so it does not lay exactly the same as it was on the sheet it came on.  But I managed to get it on there after what seemed like forever.

I inked the inside also and put another flower in the corner. And the card opens like you see it here. I put the sentiment sideways because of the way the elements sat.  Here are some pictures and a video on the card. Hope you like it.

Get Well Card

Had a friend that was not doing to good so I made a get well card for her. The bow I made out of the bling mesh was a technique I learned from Cynthialoohoo on YouTube.  She has a lot of cool technique videos.  

I did not want to put too much of a clutter in one spot on the card so I just made a "little" clutter.  I managed to include a cameo which is something I was hoping I would be able to put on the card somehow.  I did not do much else to the card because I just do not like to have too much clutter on such a pretty card.

It's Time for Graduation Again?

Wow another year gone by and all the little kiddies that were 2 years old just yesterday have graduated high school or even college.  My youngest just finished his 2nd year of college so he will be a Junior next semester.  I can't believe even college is going by fast.  

Well here are some cards I did for graduation.  Enjoy.