Monday, November 8, 2010

Big Time Newbie!!!

This is my first blog EVER.  And what did I decide to start a blog on?  Scrapbooking!  Geez.  How many of these are out there?  I have looked at a TON of these and have found so much helpful information I feel so overwhelmed by it.  So I guess I wanted to put my own 2 cents out there just to see if I gave anyone any helpful advice or not.  If not, sorry. If so, geez!...another helpful blog.  I really did this for myself just so I could keep up with all my layouts, ideas, etc. but I guess if it helps someone else, then all the better huh?

I will be adding all my "stuff" as soon as I get a little more organized. I have a few layouts done but not sure if I should post them yet because they are a Christmas present to someone.  I guess it would be okay since the only computer stuff he does (or even knows how to do) is "poker" (my Dad).  I think I will post them anyway.

Comment away....

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karen, you left me a comment, thanks. Your right I'm new at all this, finding it hard to get round my blog and sort it out, but getting there. Love your work and your craft room looks great! :)