Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Door Hangers

Made a few door hangers and I thought I would share...

This one I covered with paper and then glued a tinsel pipecleaner around the opening.  The rest are stickers.

I lifted this idea from someone..don't remember who but I love the ants going everywhere.  I used weird sticker letters for the BUG.  When you look at it, your eyes may hurt!

This one I lifted also but could not help it becasue I had the same mouse!  I changed it a bit with different background. I had this great paper with presents on it and it just fit the theme of the hanger.  The mouse is a paper piecing. I put tinsel glitter on his hat for the silver parts.

This one I love because it has a denim background and I used twine for the rope. 

Thanks for visiting!

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