Monday, March 24, 2014

Die Storage Solution

I have had the hardest time with how I want to store my thin metal dies.  I have done it several ways, all of which just do not seem to suit me.  So a scrappy friend of mine sent me the Crop in Style sticker binder that I had mentioned in one of my videos.  She was not using it and so she sent it to me to see if it may help me.  Well, so far I think it is a great way to store them.  The only down side I can find so far is that it gets kind of heavy with all the dies and the magnetic sheets that are in there.  But I think it will be fine since there is a handle and also a shoulder strap on it.  

Here is a video I did in response to a challenge that Sybil B was having a little while back.  I think it will work....for now anyway.  :-)

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