Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cards for Donation

I had more than enough cards in my stash to share so I decided to send some to different places for donation.  There are several organizations all over the country that could benefit from several different types of donations, including greeting cards.  Here are some of the cards that I am sending.

These particular cards are going to a pregnancy center in Ohio.  Baby cards are just one need, but they also need thank you cards that they send to donors and birthday cards they send to volunteers. 

I also have some cards going to a senior center in New York.  I love making cards and having some place to actually send my overflow is just a bonus.

Karen Sue


  1. What a lovely thing to do. I especially like the one with the cute mummy and ghost with the with flying over head. 😆💞 TFS Hugs Kristina

  2. Super cute cards! I would love to know the names of some of the organizations you send cards to. I am always looking for places to donate. Please feel free to email me at:
    mmc123mac at yahoo dot com